TBR LAB Accelerator Program Demo Day

We're excited to showcase the range of tech startups that participated in our accelerator program.

Welcome to TBR LAB Demo Day

Enjoy the range of innovative pitches from just some of the startups that impressed investors on TBR LAB Demo Day 2021. Stay tuned for much more to come in the future.

Welcoming Remarks

We are proud to showcase 27 of the top tech and tech-enabled startups from the Caribbean and the Diaspora. This is a group of entrepreneurs addressing challenges and seizing opportunities across the region. We're acting local, but thinking global! If you want to connect with any of these founders, please email danielle@techbeach.net.


V75 Inc. is a conversational AI tech startup based in Georgetown, Guyana. We're dedicated to engineering a better world with the right combination of creativity, spirit and technology. We've developed TrueSelph, one of two of our revolutionary AI products. TrueSelph allows you to create an AI powered version of yourself that interacts with the world.

Nature Of Business: AI Products: TrueSelph Allows Users to Create an AI Powered Version of Themself
Company Founder: Eldon Marks

Country of Operation: Cayman Islands


LUHU is a social commerce mobile app which helps users find value in their network. Connect with other users to purchase products and services, also find offers, deals and know what is going on nearby.

Nature of Business: Social-Commerce App
Company Founder: Zwede Hewitt

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago


Hyperion, a banking hub to bootstrap and run a small business simple and accessible. We’re centralizing the essential financial services to enable entry-level owners to quickly set up their business and start selling their product/service in less than a day in financial compliance. We'll reduce time-to-market, upfront cost, and complexities by validating their business once and have access to personal & commercial banking, multiple payment methods, financial tools, and a business network in a single application.

Company Founder: Demiban Diaz Torres

Country of Operation: Puerto Rico

Nature of Business: Banking Hub for Small Businesses

MD Link

An online healthcare platform that allows patients to see doctors and be treated online. Patients can also book house visits, in-office appointments, lab tests, ambulances, and purchase health products from our health store. 

Company Founder: Che Bowen

Country of Operation: Jamaica

Nature of Business: Online Healthcare Platform

Farm Credibly

Farm Credibly improves access to finance for underbanked farmers who are productive but want to be more productive. The platform allows impact conscious funders to finance vetted farms for an average annual return of 15-20%. Farm Credibly’s use of technology allows for remote monitoring of farm progress. For farm funders, revenue from farm production is generated after just 4 months. We empower funders with the means to reduce risk in financing underbanked farmers through leveraging Blockchain technology as a means of performing alternative credit scoring. 

Company Founder: Varun Baker

Country of Operation: Jamaica

Nature of Business: Platform for Farmers to Access Finance from Funders


Medl solves the problem that 1 in 2 prescriptions are never filled, as medication is confusing, time-consuming, inaccessible and expensive. Our end-to-end prescription platform, to-your-door delivery, and continuing patient management scraps the traditional pharmacy model, to transform the patient experience for the $1.25tn pharmaceutical market. Working with our patients, we aim to derive side-effect data to reduce the costs of stage 3 and 4 drug trial costs, particularly for underrepresented populations, where there is a huge gap in data. 

Company Founder: Kiran Mathur Mohammed

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago

Nature of Business: Platform and App for Prescription Orders and Delivery

Gerby Click

Gerby Click is a distribution & logistics platform that is distributing local products throughout Haiti. We are VERY involved in agriculture with one of our Company "2 Men Pou Demen" meaning "2 hands for tomorrow". Since food is a major issue in Haiti, That Company is teaching kids from orphanages how to create seedlings and give them to the farmers to reduce their cost. After the harvest, those orphanages receive products in return of the seedlings. Since distribution is a huge issue for the farmers because of lack of capacity, Gerby Click distributes them throughout the whole country.

Company Founder: Tamara Lima

Country of Operation: Haiti

Nature of Business: Online Distribution Platform

Avera Tech

In 2019, Avera Tech was founded with a mission of utilizing the power of technology to counteract problems with opportunities. We have partnered with governments throughout the Caribbean to build and manage technology solutions that would stimulate the region economically and create opportunities for the people who live there. Our goal is to make the Caribbean a global technological competitor. 

Company Founder: Aliyah Bryan

Country of Operation: US Virgin Islands (Saint Croix)

Nature of Business: Tourism Technology

Rent Yuh Ride (Veekle)

Rent Yuh Ride provides a unique car renting experience for people who want to rent without worrying about the risks of being uninsured. We help people, who are owners and travelers, to safely rent cars in Jamaica. They are blue-collar and professional millennials whose core desire is financial freedom. The main problem they currently face is renting a car and then worrying about what can happen because they don’t have the proper insurance. This problem leads to concerns about loss, vehicle devaluation, maintenance, using public transportation and low or no rental income. 

Company Founder: Cherie Williams

Country of Operation: Jamaica

Nature of Business: Peer-to-Peer Car Renting Platform

Selecta Charts

Selecta Charts is the first Music Streaming website for Caribbean music (English). Based in Barbados, our mission is to provide a platform where Caribbean artists can upload and share their music with a global audience. We aim to lead the global sharing of Caribbean music & culture.

Company Founder: Paul Husbands

Country of Operation: Barbados

Nature of Business: Music Streaming Service Dedicated to Promoting Caribbean Music of All Genres Globally


Caribbean freelance marketplace bridging the gap between professionals and clients needing a job done.

Company Founder: Chealeif Lee Wing

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago

Nature of Business: Caribbean Freelancer & Job Marketplace

Squeeze Cash Inc.

Squeeze Cash is the Caribbean's first and only multi-currency mobile payment service. Our application allows p2p, c2b and b2b transactions. The mobile phone is fast becoming the main channel for business transactions. Hard cash is becoming a thing of the past. As such, businesses and customers are constantly looking to utilize the phone to improve transactions. Squeeze Cash is well poised to be the main facilitator of trade and money transfer among businesses and customers in the Caribbean and it's diaspora. It is seamless, convenient, safe and affordable.

Company Founder: Kenrick Quashie

Country of Operation: USA (Brooklyn)

Nature of Business: Multicurrency Mobile Payment App

Remote Work Inc.

"Remote Work Barbados is a marketplace that catalyses the growth of the remote work economic sector in Barbados in two ways: by making Barbados into a leading remote work hub for expatriate long term visitors, and by developing the capacity of Barbadian employees and entrepreneurs using remote work to operate globally.

We will help remote working expats to find the right apartment, car rental, health insurance, etc.; we will also help skilled Barbadians use remote work to sell services globally as employees or entrepreneurs."

Company Founder: Peter Thompson

Country of Operation: Barbados

Nature of Business: Online Community for Remote Workers in Barbados

SmartTerm Limited

SmartTerm is in the business of delivering unified digital experiences to facilitate the management, delivery, and acquisition of education. Our suite of solutions so far includes an LMS, SMS, and a learning platform with plans to deliver solutions for professional development, technical training, lesson planning, and financial management. We are skillfully utilising powerful technologies such as artificial intelligence, gamification, and machine learning to improve academic decision-making, development of policy, and teaching and learning outcomes.

Company Founder: Mohammad Saif Ahmad

Country of Operation: Jamaica

Nature of Business: SaaS-based Platform: Student Information, Learning Management, Virtual Classroom Solution

The LocaL App

Have you ever wasted time calling or driving around trying to figure out which business offers a particular product or service? What about struggling to figure out what opportunities are available around you when you travel (such as a sale, a job or even an event)? How would you like to feel at home, wherever you may roam? In this digital age, although technology has placed almost anything at our fingertips; information overload is a really BIG problem that we must bring under control with the digital e-guides being developed by the team at The LocaL App.

Company Founder: Elijah James

Country of Operation: Antigua & Barbuda

Nature of Business: Marketplace  

Study Space

Caribbean students have 24/7 access to structured educational content for Elementary and High School course work, thoroughly equipping them to address all topics in the curriculum with e-payments. (We are starting here in the Caribbean as natives, also for proof concept and revenue, however, this app will be adapted to Africa,India and larger emerging markets.) Version 1 will focus on quizzes for the curriculum and exams. Live teaching and On Demanding Tutoring will be in the subsequent versions.

Company Founder: Darnel Francois

Country of Business: Trinidad & Tobago

Nature of Business: Digital Education Platform


Caribshopper is a marketplace that brings Caribbean culture closer by allowing Caribbean businesses to scale and connect with consumers living away from ‘home’. The platform handles the fulfillment and logistics, payment processing, and customer acquisition required for Caribbean merchants to sell direct-to-consumer. Since its launch in October 2020, Caribshopper has shipped 1,600+ products to 26 states in the USA, as well as Quebec and Ontario in Canada. The platform features over 3000 SKUs from 280+ brands representing Jamaica and Trinidad.

Company Founder: Kadion Preston

Country of Operation: USA (Miami)

Nature of Business: Marketplace for Caribbean Products


PreeLabs is a technology company that specializes in remote monitoring, control, and automation. We develop and implement devices and systems that utilize local, mobile or web-based applications to allow our customers and clients to optimize their processes and resources. Our customer segments include, but are not limited to, property managers, developers, agricultural entities, industrial entities and government entities.

Company Founder: Yekini Wallen-Bryan

Country of Operation: Jamaica

Nature of Business: Internet Enabled Systems and Solutions for Businesses

CellPay Corporation

"CellPay is a cross-border mobile payment platform providing immigrants a better way to send value to family abroad directly to local merchants. Traditional remittance providers are inefficient. Senders pay high fees to remit small amounts. Receivers pay transport, wait in line, lose on the exchange rate, start the risky journey back with cash in their pockets."

Company Founder: Pascale Elie

Country of Operation: Haiti

Nature of Business: Mobile Payment Platform

Caribbean Transit Solutions Ltd.

Our company (Caribbean Transit Solutions) provides real time and on-demand information on Public Service Vehicles (Private and Public Buses) as well as private fleets of vehicles. In short: We unlock the power of data insights to improve transportation & movement in the Caribbean.

Company Founder: Khalil Bryan

Country of Operation: Barbados, Trinidad, St. Lucia

Nature of Business: Data Insights for Transportation


Mental health is a global epidemic. Entrepreneurs are most at risk, research shows that 42% of entrepreneurs are diagnosed with underlying mental health conditions. Entrepreneurs however have minimum access to mental health care and are required to perform at higher levels than any other group. Recess is a wellness tech app that is digitizing a trauma-informed therapeutic using AR and VR to improve the mental fitness & productivity of entrepreneurs and high performers. Our solution while scientifically sound is  30x cheaper and 1000x more scalable than traditional one and one talk therapies.

Company Founder: Kelly-Ann Bethel

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago / Canada

Nature of Business: A Mind Tech App That Digitizes Trauma-Informed Psychology Using AR and VR

Roam Caribbean

RoamTT is a destination management business which provides all the much needed information for travelers during their stay in Trinidad and Tobago. We provide a booking platform for hosted experiences offered by over 75 different service providers, unmatched scenic visuals, site descriptions, location pins, essential travel advice and information. We are the only travel buddy you need!

Company Founder: Arielle Du Quesnay

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago

Nature of Business: App connectingTravellers & Tour Providers to Book Activities Throughout The Caribbean

Orba One

Introducing the region's first Digital Identity As A Service Platform. Our platform helps to drive economic and financial inclusion in Jamaica and the rest of the world. We are the only platform in the Caribbean that has the capabilities like Netflix or Facebook to support companies globally with digital identity and digital onboarding. We are enabling the contactless economy, especially in a pandemic-prone world. We are driving revenue for companies in the finance and insurance sectors by enabling digital KYC & AML onboarding of their end-users. We are powering a compliant-first society.

Company Founder: Jordan Jones

Country of Operation: Jamaica

Nature of Business: Identity Verification Platform


SmartHubJA is a startup that aims to turn residential/commercial buildings into hands-free automated energy-optimized structures, we have created a mobile application that integrates all IoT components which correspond with a gateway that works internally with the exception of not having an internet connection. Through doing this we aim to maintain a high level of security by keeping a large portion of the setup offline while maintaining remote/voice control.

Company Founder: Shemar Anderson

Country of Operation: Jamaica

Nature of Business: Subscription-based Privacy-Focused Automation Service

BI Brainz Caribbean Ltd.

BI Brainz is a Data Science and Business Intelligence company focused on helping customers extract actionable insights from their data. We offer training, workshops, consulting, and coaching. With over 14 years of combined experience in building, scaling, and launching successful data projects, we are on a mission to help Caribbean companies become more data-driven, profitable, and successful.

Website: www.bibrainz.com

Company Founder: Raquel Seville

Country of Operation: Jamaica

Nature of Business: Data Science and Business Intelligence


Osoobe is a venture studio that designs and develops strategies and solutions to problems through the means of AI, automation, and digital transformation. Our first product, Seekuur (https://seekuur.com), is a job board platform that finds the best-aligned candidate fit for hiring companies. We do this through candidate pre-screening and company stage & value assessment.

Company Founder: Nicholas Kee

Country of Operation: Jamaica
Nature of Business: Venture Studio: Designs and Develops Strategies and Solutions Through AI, Automation and Digital Transformation.


WiPay was created in 2016 as a direct result of a persistent problem. The Caribbean faced challenges with digital payments and the lack of ‘financial inclusion’ for the majority of persons. WiPay developed a uniquely ‘inclusive’ platform that is secure, flexible and simple to use. WiPay allows anything connected to the Internet to move money quickly, safely and easily for the ‘Banked’ and for the ‘Unbanked'.

Company Founder: Aldwyn Wayne

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago

Nature of Business: Internet Payment Solution