About TechBeach

Connecting the Caribbean to the world's digital ecosystem


We’ve built an active community with Tech Beach Retreat, providing a nexus for the global tech ecosystem to connect with the best companies in the Caribbean.

The goal is to build bridges that yield increased investment, partnership and mentorship spurring an entrepreneurship and innovation revolution in the Caribbean, unlocking the full economic potential of the region through identifying industries ripe for profitable disruption to elevate the Caribbean out of emerging market status. This is an early stage opportunity to connect with one of the world’s last frontier markets.

Premier Conferences & Digital Transformation Events

Tech Beach offers events in the form of conferences and local technology centred discussions through the Tech Beach Retreat brand. In addition we have developed TBR Lab whose focus is mindshares, workshops and education programs that aim to up-skill various sectors and create market access for valuable solutions.

With a strong established trusted network Tech Beach often assists organisations with making connections within the tech space focused on digital transformation whether on the end of knowledge for teams, developing action plans or procurement of solutions for entities with programs in place.